Do you believe?

on March 1st, 2017


On Sunday afternoon, just before I settled down to watch England play Italy in the Rugby Six Nations at Twickenham, I said to my family, ‘How must it feel being Italy: knowing you’re going to go out there and get hammered?  How can they possibly believe they can win?’

But anyone who watched that match, or read about it,  knows that Italy were lacking anything but belief.  They had an an innovative strategy (some say dodgy!) and they came out committed to it.  And, ahead 10-5 at half time, they must truly have believed they could win.

What, if anything, can we learn from this in marketing or business?  Perhaps that there’s no one ‘right’ strategy.  That being innovative, surprising the competition, disrupting the game, and, above all, believing in what you’re doing can pay off.  (Or almost, at least, for the Azzuri – better luck against Scotland!)

by Victoria Ash

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