Good marketing hurts…

on July 20th, 2012

… when someone else is doing it.

I know and like a number of marketing agencies locally and in London.  And I have strong opinions on which are good at what.  I definitely have my favourites for when it comes to technically backed marketing such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

It feels a bit ironic that one I consider as mainly a design and website only agency (albeit great at that) are getting a lot of contacts and leads for their SEO offering, whereas the one I would turn to for ours and our clients’ SEO (because of their strength in depth, neutrality towards different media and good pricing) is overlooked.

So what has the better marketing agency done wrong?  Not marketed itself so well.  The other one has crafted their product, pricing and packaging to be more easily understandable and has found ways of getting their message across to more businesses.  Hence getting more prospects through the door.  As I said, ironic.

It must really hurt for a great marketing agency to be out marketed.  But it hurts whatever your business if someone out-markets you.  If you know anyone who feels they are being out-marketing, especially by a less “worthy” competitor, please do put them in touch with us!

by Paul Griffith

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