Are you marketing to a minimum viable audience?

on August 25th, 2017

If you’re a regular RCR blog reader, you’ll have noticed our occasional reference to Seth Godin blogs. Here is yet again another short post by the marketing guru, “In search of the minimum viable audience”, where he explains why marketing to ‘everyone’ is less effective than marketing to a smaller, more targeted and niche audience to drive revenue in the business.

The marketing plan for your business should reflect the strategy to:

  • Identify what matters to your business
  • Be clear on where your most important weak spots are
  • Pick no more than three to focus on – be realistic about what you can achieve and don’t spread your resources too thinly

If you’ve read our article on a Scout, Blitz, Siege campaign, you will already be familiar with the process or methodology which helps your marketing plan be more effective. Looking at a range of the marketing mix, and aligning them with the objectives of your business, can you be sure your reaching the minimum viable audience with the best marketing plan and campaign strategy?

In this article you can learn more about what marketing you should be doing, it includes:

  • Finding clients
  • Converting new business
  • Delivering to clients

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by Tina Chohan

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