Part 2: Branding the way forward in the buyer’s journey

on April 24th, 2015

In Part 1 of the buyer’s journey, we looked at the concept itself.

The first step in marketing is in understanding the journey, defining how the business can best fit themselves in the customer’s shoes by its brand message which should fit the audience’s expectation and reflect their tone of voice.

In Part 2, we will look at how branding is important in the buyer’s journey, and how branding should reflect customers’ attitudes. Let’s take a look at the language and messaging of brands.

Language and messaging can be key in addressing your target audience. For example, for a law firm client we might not advise using colloquial language when creating their brand message when a well-versed, professional tone might fit better.

But colloquial language works well for a company like innocent drinks, who play well with a creative, conversational, soft, and generally humorous approach to their brand messaging.

innocent drink

Not only is language important, but also punctuation. You will find that across the innocent drinks’ marketing campaigns and site every heading, as well as their name, starts with a lower case letter.

Grammar out the window? But innocent drinks get away with it because it’s a part of what makes their branding unique..

Imagine you saw this format being used on a very ‘corporate’ law firm site, and on their brand messaging and content, and this might undermine their credibility in certain buyers’ minds.

The buyer’s journey for a law firm which is selling a service rather than a product will have buyers expecting a different level of service and a certain type of message. This doesn’t mean that law firms can’t be ‘different’ in their branding and messaging (and we believe they should – there’s a great opportunity for them to stand out from the crowd this way), but perhaps not quite in the innocent style.

by Tina Chohan

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