Social Media – As simple as Chinese Algebra?

on May 30th, 2012

Recently, I came across this incredibly complex chart on linkedIn and it got me thinking.. what do small businesses really want to get out of social media marketing? 

By acknowledging that effective customer communication is about “message quality”, the mode of delivery can be delivered in a multiplicity of different ways which is what this chart highlights in a deliberately complicated way. The key to any media based communication, however, is to understand what works best within your market sector, so if Social media happens to be your preferred choice of message delivery, then you can start to harness the true power of this medium by using some of these straight forward tips.

1. Always endeavour to write one blog a week or fortnight, this is central to any social media activity and develops your positioning as “The Thought Leader” in your field.

2. Use Word Press to update these blogs and link to your website, creating the “activity engine”.

3. Set up Google Alerts, which will provide instant e-mail notification whenever your business, brand product or service is mentioned online

4. Stay up to date with the content in your field, using RSS fields or Google Reader as data sources, allocating time to ensure that these are regularly read and digested.

5. Coordinate your business’ social media activity using a dashboard such as Hootsuite. This can be used to schedule and integrate key platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to provide consistency of message and boost your online visibility.   

There may be a myriad of other complex social media tools that appear on this chart but let’s not lose sight of the famous quote from Leonardo da Vinci Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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