Want more attention? Get yourself a green wig

on October 31st, 2016


We’re going to be running a seminar on 17 November on creating effective integrated marketing campaigns.  We’ll be looking at the stages of planning, execution and follow up, and how you generate original IP that will drive a host of different activities and, ultimately, revenue.  It’s all good strategic stuff, driven by depth of ideas and content.

But sometimes you just need to get out there and grab some attention in the simplest way possible.

An IT trade show is one of the places where you do have to shout pretty loudly to get heard.  And for our client Fruition Partners UK last week that involved some pretty vibrant green wigs as a starting point.  The next step was not much more sophisticated – having got delegates’ attention, they were offered a ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’-inspired Golden Ticket, and the chance to win a smart watch in return for their contact details.  Maybe the IT crowd don’t get out much but this proved hugely popular – the Fruition stand was buzzing and the completed Golden Tickets came flooding in!

Of course, if visitors were interested, there was then the opportunity to find out more about Fruition Partners’ current products and campaigns on our stand, or by chatting to one of the account team.  But from our point of view, the trade show’s job was done: a first point of contact in the buyer’s journey had been established, and the Fruition Partners’ name was out there.  The next stage will be all about taking the data and developing a slightly more in-depth conversation that goes beyond green nylon hair and a Golden Ticket!

by Victoria Ash


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