What’s Your Core Message?

on March 28th, 2012

I found a rather old and scratchy video of Steve Jobs the other day going back to 1997 and felt a real connection with the content.http://www.presentationzen.com/presentationzen/2011/10/steve-jobs-on-values-and-identifying-your-core.html

Given the context that “the world is a noisy place”, Steve skilfully develops the notion that clarity and simplicity of message is central to how a brand is perceived. This perception can be further refined if focus is given to the absolute core of the message and the exclusion and abandonment of superfluous and meandering subtexts.

This rings true irrespective of whether you are the world’s top brand or a small business, since only businesses who are able to‘rise above the noise’ will get their message heard.

So work on all the elements of your message:

* Your Story
* Your Presentation
* Your Beliefs and Values
* Your Dreams and Aspirations
* Your Business Culture

Then distil these into a simple deliverable communication that resonates with your business’ frequency to witness a true enhancement to your “signal to noise ratio”.

(By the way..Don’t feel compelled to have to present your message wearing shorts!!)

Sas Soubhi

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