Where to start?

on April 6th, 2018


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A coaching conversation with a client yesterday reminded me of just how many choices there are facing business owners, in terms of marketing and business development.  Our discussion ranged from the need to sustain relationships with existing and past clients, to whether to tackle new sectors or put more energy into the campaign that they began last year and which is now beginning to bear fruit.  Should they use a PR agency to raise their profile?  Should they hire a telemarketer?  Should they run more events? Funds are limited, and their time even more so.   

Sadly for our client, I couldn’t offer any ‘silver bullet’ answers (although finding resource to make those follow-up phone calls is probably the nearest I could come to it). What I could suggest was the need to set some clear priorities, and to tie those to the business’s objectives for the year.  As so often happens, our 9 Box Matrix created a couple of ‘Aha!’ moments and I think the client went away with a clear focus for developing their detailed marketing strategy.

We have a short guide to setting your marketing priorities which you can download here. Half an hour working through the exercises in it will hopefully give you your own ‘Aha’ moment!

by Victoria Ash

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