You have to earn business credibility

on February 27th, 2017

Business credibility does not come overnight, you have to work for it and build relationships with clients, prospects and even colleagues over time, so that your knowledge and business ethos can be shared.

In our view there are three components that make up good business credibility:

1) Trust:

Trust. It’s important in our personal lives, but also just as important in business – and it is earned not expected. How do you make sure your clients trust in you? Most clients look to work with people they can rely on. Do you have the expertise in your industry? Experience is key to starting new relationships and letting prospects and clients know that they are in safe hands. This reminds me of what Seth Godin says about permission marketing – allow others to want to hear from you, instead of spamming them with information that holds no credibility, sent to someone who knows nothing about you.

2) Empathy:

Can you relate to your client and their needs, understanding exactly what they want? Do you consider the client roadblocks, challenges and resources? Knowing how to help your client, and supporting them with the right solution will show you are listening and are proactive. Prioritising what is best for the business will put you in a good position as a credible point of contact for helping the business grow. Here’s a guide you may find useful to help pinpoint marketing priorities.

3) Recommendation:

Your clients are your priority so if you’ve worked hard to position yourself differently to competitors and have gone above and beyond to deliver results – you have a happy client. People know people. So the logic is simple, if you have built a credible relationship you stand a good chance of being a business to recommend, and from there your credibility continues to strengthen and grow.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about RCR:

by Tina Chohan

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