You want a new website? A better marketing campaign? A redesigned office? Here’s ONE thing to get right

on May 5th, 2017

Briefing people badly lies at the heart of more mis-spent marketing budget and off-key marketing campaigns than anything else.  
We don’t like our website, we want a more modern one” or “we want more of the nice clients” or “we want an office that’s more ‘us’” just doesn’t cut it.
Maybe you’ve experienced that and wondered why you still don’t like the new and expensive website/campaign/office. Maybe that’s why managing the agencies that do such work is best left to the more experienced marketers in your business.

But if you don’t have a team of marketers, let alone an experienced marketer or two, don’t worry. At the heart of the brief is knowing what you want to be famous for – and that is something you have better answers* to than any hired marketer.

Here’s one of the founders of boutique law firm GQ Employment Law, Paul Quain, talking about how they got that focus in their business.

*If you want to know what the questions are that will get you those better answers, there are still places left at our May 25th London seminar to hear Paul talk about how they got that focus in their marketing and started briefing people well.  Find out more (and register) at

by Paul Griffith

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