What are your top 3 priorities for growing revenue in 2015?

On 17th June 2015, small to medium business owners joined us at our free breakfast seminar at Hamilton House in London, to indulge in some croissants and cakes. Drinking tea and coffee we sat around the table discussing marketing objectives and how using RCR tools could help businesses get more from their marketing.


The seminar, presented by Victoria Ash and Paul Griffith introduced RCR’s 9 box blotter. Delegates actively participated in the presentation, using the “getting more from your marketing” worksheet as a guide to:

  • Identify what their business’s marketing is trying to achieve
  • Benchmark how the business is currently using the “9 levers of marketing value”
  • Define the context driving the growth of their business and outlining core projects for the next year
  • Establish intentions and turn them into actions

We hope that our delegates left the seminar with a clearer idea of what their 3 priorities for growing revenue are in 2015. After gathering the feedback, we found it interesting to see that the three main areas of concern for businesses were the following:

1 Buyer’s journey

Our delegates said that they failed to completely understand the buyer’s journey. In many cases, this is no surprise, because understanding the buyer’s journey is not easy for any business. CEB states that “57% of the purchase decision is complete before a customer even calls a supplier.” So trying to figure how the buyer’s decision is influenced can be challenging.

2 Capability

Another concern for our delegates was marketing capabilities. Many of the businesses saw that this is a gap in their strategy and building strong capability takes time, focus and energy. Businesses need to work out the best strategy for them to sustain business longevity, build strong communication and maintain competitive advantage.

3 Client management

Client management in this seminar was another priority that delegates wanted to focus on. They wanted to be able to define client requirements, promote the business and have clear communication. In addition, delegates also mentioned that they wanted to spend more time on email campaigns and to have a strategy that targeted existing clients with tailored mailshots, as well as new leads.

Client management is an important aspect of the business, clients that are new or existing should be nurtured and managed in line with their requirements.

Let us know if you would like to join us for the next breakfast seminar or RCR event.


What are your top 3 marketing priorities this year?

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by Tina Chohan