Entrepreneurs Succeed with Us - the book

Available on Amazon

RCR’s first venture into book publishing is now available on Amazon.  We have collaborated with seven other authors to produce a practical guide for successful entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs Succeed with Us is a new concept in business books prepared by a team of practical, experienced business people. The authors’ aim is to provide genuine value to entrepreneurs who want to improve the performance of their business and achieve their long term goals of expansion or exit.

RCR’s chapter, written by partners Paul Griffith and Victoria Ash, focuses on how to build revenue and profit in a way that will build the long-term equity value of a business.  Other chapters range from the Seven Vital Signs of a healthy business, to getting the most from your staff, finances and the law, as well as how to prepare for a successful exit.

You can find out more about Entrepreneurs Succeed with Us and our fellow authors on the book’s website: www.entrepreneurssucceedwithus.co.uk .  And you can follow us on Linked In.  And, of course, you can buy the book on Amazon!