The Battleground: Direct Mail VS E-mail 

on January 5th, 2017

Will direct marketing make a comeback? 


The growth of digital marketing in the last 10 years or so has meant some of the traditionally-used marketing tactics have lost their allure. Advanced technology allows us to send messages directly to inboxes, and a fast-paced lifestyle means an increasing number of people are using smartphones to open emails on-the-go. However, as things are ever-changing, direct mail is quietly making a come-back into the marketing mix. 

DecisionMarketing report that more personalised and targeted direct mail means people are paying more attention to ‘junk’. A study carried out by Wilmington Millennium Mortascreen shows thrown away and recycled unopened direct mail has reduced significantly over the last three years. 

In 2013, a staggering 40% of direct mailshots (1.8 billion out of 4.4 billion) were thrown away unopened while today this has reduced to a slightly less staggering 28% (1.3 billion). 

The so-called renaissance of direct marketing doesn’t mean that email marketing is falling behind. According to Royal Mail, new research shows direct mail and email work more effectively when used together. 

While email is seen as being quick and suitable for follow-ups, direct mail grabs attention and is considered informative. Consumers even say that mailed information is easier to take in against receiving emails in their inbox that they deem as spam. 

Clearly there are differences between using mail and email, market research by Royal Mail states that: ‘51% of consumers want to receive both mail and email from the organisations they deal with, while a further 17% only want to receive mail¹.  

One thing to remember in all this is that neither direct mail or email marketing campaigns can be successful without the right data, a targeted message and personalisation.  So, are you missing a trick by not including DM in your marketing strategy, or is this just another shiny thing


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