How to help your business grow revenue and set marketing priorities 

on September 14th, 2016

RCR strategy workbook

Working on marketing strategies and implementation for various clients from IT resellers to law firms, I have noticed something a lot of them have in common.

Many of these B2B companies are dipping their feet into various random marketing tactics from social media to email campaigns to SEO, without any clear reason on why nor any view on how long they should be focusing on each. Then they wonder why they aren’t seeing results.

When we work with our clients, we help them focus on what their main marketing priorities should be. There are many marketing tactics which a business can use but, with time and money being an issue, how do you define your priorities?

RCR has put together this short practical guide on how to set your marketing priorities for business owners who may be facing some of the following common scenarios:

1- I know we should be doing more marketing, but where should we start?
2- I really want to delegate responsibility but who can I trust to do it well?
3- Our marketing could be a lot better. How do I fix it?

The guide helps to put in perspective some of the business challenges and then offers solutions based on those specific concerns to help put together an initial basic strategy. This will act as a starting point to take both business owners and marketing professionals in the right marketing direction.

Avoiding the latest shiny thing syndrome

Creating a good marketing strategy is all about focus. Ask yourself how good is your marketing strategy? Do you have any comfort that you’ve got the right plans in place? Or are you like many businesses, whose sales and marketing strategy is often determined by:

– What we’ve always done
– What’s cheapest
– The wish list we came up with in a brainstorm
– What people feel like doing today

Or, as one client recently described it: “The latest shiny thing to come along”

The reality is that there are so many different tactical things you could be doing, from advertising to networking; from cold calling to social media; from market research to PR. While none of them is ‘wrong’, how do you work out what’s right for your business? It’s one of the commonest requests for help that we get. It’s this ability to make good marketing decisions quickly that makes the difference between success and failure, and the starting point is being able to answer the question ‘why are we doing this?’

So, how do you work out where you should focus now, and in the longer term?

Download Growing your revenue: How to set your marketing priorities now to get started.

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