Mace – Case study from leading international construction and consultancy group

RCR has been working with the marketing department of the Mace Group for over two years. One of the world’s leading consultancy and construction firms, Mace comprises 11 companies, employs more than 2,700 people and operates in 28 countries.
Cath Button, head of marketing and communications for the Mace Group, leads a team of 15, which is responsible for the group’s marketing strategy and all aspects of marketing and communications activity, including internal communications, media relations, brand and reputation management.
On taking over the role, Cath was faced with a board of directors which didn’t understand the role marketing can play in developing a successful business and was of the view its function was limited to producing brochures on request and hosting receptions.

RCR worked with Cath and CEO Stephen Pycroft, developing a programme to introduce the companies within the group to the potential of marketing in business development.

“Our challenges were primarily communication and education,” explains Cath. “We had to identify exactly what were the issues and knowledge gaps and then mentor the marketing team in how to communicate effectively with directors within the group. In essence we had to show the directors that we understood their business drivers and we had tools that could help them in their business development programmes. It was also important to show them that we could run projects which were measurable in terms of new business brought in and identify exactly what costs were involved – in effect demonstrate that we could evaluate every marketing activity.”

RCR helped Mace identify the areas to be addressed and put in place a number of projects, along with the processes to monitor their effectiveness. RCR also worked closely with Cath to mentor her team in ways to close the gap between marketing and the business executives.

“I’ve learned a great amount from RCR, which has helped me transform the way marketing is perceived by the rest of the group and has enabled my team to implement a number of effective campaigns that have brought in significant business from some blue chip companies,” Cath explains. “It could have been a daunting task, but RCR gave me confidence to make it happen and they are exceptionally good at making complicated issues simple.”

CEO Stephen Pycroft is equally impressed, “RCR has helped us change the perception of marketing within the whole group and that means our marketing resource is now actively contributing to the development of the business in a way that was never possible in the past.”