“We worked with Victoria Ash of the RCR Partnership on a project to help us grow our specialist online retail business selling pens and personalised gifts. Victoria helped us define our growth strategy through a structured review of our sales and marketing activities and processes, using RCR’s specialist frameworks. She then coached us to develop and begin implementing a growth plan for the future, including looking at roles and responsibilities within the business, our communications, and our channels to market. The project helped us become more organised and focused, and has contributed to us meeting our targets for increased revenue and profitability.”
Keith Cole, Managing Director of Pen Heaven
“PBTI engaged RCR to help us get greater focus in our marketing strategy.  This included running a number of workshops for our executive team, to help us define our priorities and positioning, and then providing ongoing mentoring and consultancy for our marketing team.
“One of the key results of working with RCR has been a significant culture change within PBTI in terms of attitudes to marketing, which is now seen as much more central to our business.  The internal effect has been significant, and our positioning is being implemented across the company which, in turn, is helping us win new business and deliver better service to our customers.”
William Fox, Managing Director
“Looking back, I realise that mine was a classic situation in which so many businesses find themselves. I knew the company needed marketing, but I couldn’t see what return we were getting for our investment – and actually, I didn’t even know if I should have an expectation of ‘results’. It was a bit of a black hole if I’m honest. It took one meeting with RCR to help me realise just how much money we had been wasting before and how I should set my expectations and manage my marketing team for the future”
CEO, Construction
“I realise now that I didn’t understand our position in the marketplace, what we were really offering to our clients, or how we were viewed by our customers against the competition. And I didn’t understand the bigger marketing picture – that we had to develop a marketing structure aligned to our business objectives and that we could set goals and measure results. RCR helped me to set up a structure and disciplines for my marketing department that would allow them to put together a strategy that delivered a measurable contribution to the firm”
Managing Partner, City Law Firm
“The work I have done with RCR has given me the language, through their methodology, to communicate with senior people around the business in terms that we all understand. I now have the tools to kick back at requests that do not contribute towards business goals and objectives and in just a few months we have stopped fire fighting and have been able to operate more proactively. And I make sure the firm understands the contribution marketing makes.”
Marketing Director, Accounting Firm
“My team is more energised and less frustrated. They have been very supportive of this new way of working because they can see that their activities are helping drive revenue and are recognised at Board level as making a positive contribution to the business. It feels like we’re all on the same page after years of speaking different languages”
Marketing Director, IT Software