Free stuff

As well as our paid services, RCR believe in being helpful and so we create a lot of resources to help you get your head around marketing.

Marketing Intelligence: Choose between receiving our newsletter, blog or both! Our newsletter gets sent out every couple of months and rounds up the latest marketing blogs, news and helpful marketing tips and advice. The blog is weekly and is written by a member of our team on various marketing topics broadly related to marketing and business development.

RCR strategy workbook

Free strategy workbook: You will hear us talk a lot about the 9 box framework, this will help you discover your marketing priorities and find out what your business really needs in terms of finding, delivering and converting your business objectives.

Events: All of our events are free of charge. They are set up to help businesses like yours first understand what marketing is all about and what it can mean for you. Most of our events are around the marketing workshops we start off with for new projects, so if you’d like a sneak preview at what this involves have a look at our upcoming events.

Webinars: These are our online versions of events we hold, so if for any reason you can’t make it to the event – we also host webinars which are shorter but still valuable for learning about marketing.