Here are the most frequently asked questions of RCR:


1. Why is RCR different to any other marketing business?

RCR transfers skills into your business at different levels. It could be that you need strategic input from one of our Marketing Directors and you don’t need that input full time.

Your business may have a marketing skill gap and we can provide the skill whilst training your marketing team to develop that skill for themselves.

You may just need an extra pair of marketing hands.

2. Why do businesses appoint RCR?

Most businesses appoint RCR when they recognise they have a problem with the way marketing functions within their businesses. Sometimes business owners may not know where the problem is – they just know it isn’t working.

They typically engage through our benchmarking process which gives them a good idea of what isn’t working.

3. Who works for RCR?

RCR was founded by a group of ex-marketing directors – to take a look at our profiles click here. The marketing directors that work for RCR have worked with a wide variety of major corporates, mid-tier businesses and professional services organisations and specifically have an interest in helping entrepreneurial businesses grow.

4. If we appoint RCR who would work with us?

When you appoint RCR we look at what your business needs and appoint the appropriate people to your requirement – this could be one of our marketing directors or a team of people with specialist skills.

One of our Partners will always be working on your business.

5. My business has a marketing team – what can RCR add to that team?

If you already have a marketing team typically what we add is new skill sets. When growing businesses appoint a marketing person they expect that person to have all of the marketing skills required for the business needs – and that just isn’t possible! An RCR marketing director typically acts as a mentor, transferring skills.

6. I am a marketing manager – what would RCR give me?

The answer to this is pretty similar to the above – we help you develop skills that you may not have or need brushing up! Perhaps helping you develop skills that help your career progress.

7. What can RCR do for my business? What are the outcomes?

If you click here you can take a look at our case studies and testimonials – and see what our clients say about us.

We help businesses build marketing teams that support revenue growth in the business. We provide structure through our IP that you can implement into your business. Most importantly we leave skills in your business – so when we leave you’re better equipped to do the job yourself.

8. What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is exactly what it says – there are certain skills that a business needs and they don’t need the skill full time. These are typically central services like IT, finance, human resources and marketing. You can buy expertise as an when you need it.