What makes us different?

We’ve founded, grown and sold businesses so know what it’s like when marketing is just one of the hats you wear.









You want to make sure you are doing the right marketing. That’s called strategy and is what consultants do. However, advisors tend not to get involved with doing the marketing. They don’t take responsibility for delivering on their ideas.

You also know you have to do the marketing to see any results. That’s called implementation and is what agencies do: web agencies, digital agencies, PR agencies, telemarketing agencies, research agencies, design agencies and the rest. The good ones are very good, especially if you know how to brief and manage them. But rare is the agency that will say you should spend less on their sort of marketing and more on another agency, such as research or telemarketing. They don’t take responsibility for getting the strategy right.

That’s the biggest difference at RCR.  We’ll help you shape your strategy AND we’ll stick around to make it happen if you want us to.


Want to know more?

Here are some case studies to help you learn about the types of clients we have worked with. or you can watch the video testimonial here!

These are the people who bring you the professional approach of big business marketing (Unilever, Weber Shandwick, PwC amongst others) and tailor it for the world of owner-run businesses.

These are the sorts of projects we help you with:

Strategy: Positioning development, marketing planning, channel management, customer research, lead generation, client satisfaction and client profitability management.

Implementation: Customer interviews, copywriting, websites and digital marketing, press releases and PR, campaign management, event co-ordination and database management.